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Fun with VSAN Storage Profiles

You want frys with that?

When VASA and storage profiles first came out, I really thought it was not important or over rated for smaller shops. Now that VSAN has broken my lab free of the rule of “one size performance and data protection fits all” I’ve decided to get a bit creative to demonstrate what all can be done. I’ve included some sample tiers, as well as my own guidance on when to use them for staff. Notice how Gold is not the highest tier (A traditional design mistake in Clouds/Labs). The reason for this is simple. If someone asks for something, I can simply ask them “Do you want that on gold tier” and not end up giving them space reservations, Cache reservations, triple mirroring or striping after they demand gold tier for everything. This is key to reducing space wastage in environments where politics trumps resources in provisioning practices.