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Keeping track of VCF and vSAN cluster driver/firmware

Are you building out a new VMware Cloud Foundation cluster, and trying to make sure you stay up to date with your vSAN ReadyNodes driver/firmware updates? Good news, there are a few options for tracking new driver/firmware patches.

The first method is simple, try out the new vLCM functionality. This allows for seamless updates of firmware/drivers for drives and controllers as well as system BIOS and other devices. It also has integration to verify key driver/firmware levels for the vSAN VCG sub-components. For those of you looking into this go check, the VCG for compatible hardware check out this blog post.

What about for clusters where you can not use vLCM yet. Maybe, your servers are not yet supported?

The vSAN VCG notification service can help fill the gap. It allows you to subscribe to changes. Subscribing will set you up for email alerts that will show changes to driver and firmware versions, as well as when updates and major releases. You can sign up for individual components, as well as for an entire ReadyNode specification.

Changes are reflected in a clear color-coded view showing what has been removed and what has been added to replace the entry.

The ReadyLabs team keep continuing to make it easier to keep your VMware Cloud Foundation environment up to date. If you have any more questions about the service, be sure to check out the FAQ. If you have any questions on this or the vSAN VCG reach out by email to [email protected]