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John’s 2020 vSAN VMworld Sessions

I have two on demand VMworld Sessions that can be found at this link, and additional round table for premium pass holders.

The first Session is a return of the IO path deep dive, where we go below the hood on what has changed within the IO path. this year is going to feature quite a few new features and low level improvements so I”d encourage everyone to come check it out.

Deconstructing vSAN: A Deep Dive into the Internals of vSAN [HCI1276]
John Nicholson, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, VMware –

The other Session: vSAN File Services: Deep Dive [HCI1825] Is with my podcast co-host Pete Flecha. It is a great review of what’s improved in vSAN File Services as well as some details on how it works behind the scenes.

For anyone attending my session who has question my DMs are open for the week of VMworld and you can find me on twitter as @Lost_signal.

I also have some live roundtables where Jason Massae and I will be talking about space reclaim (UNMAP, Zero Reclaim, and beyond). There’s been some improvements lately in this space, as well as years of steady improvement to talk about in Storage Management – How to Reclaim Storage Today on vSAN, VMFS and vVols with John Nicholson [HCI2726].