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ESXI 6.5 Patch 2 – vSAN Support Insight!

ESXi 6.5 Patch 2 is out, and with it comes a product improvement that I’ve been excited about for quite some time. The KB for what’s new can be found here.

Three storage improvements came out with this release.

  • vSAN Support Insight (including a dedicated customer bulletin with more details on this feature)
  • Adaptive resynchronization (Previously released for 6.0) – Adaptive Resync adjusts the bandwidth share allocated to Resync I/O to minimize impact to client I/O. With this feature, Resync speed will adaptively adjust during off peak and high peak I/O cycles. During off-peak cycles Resync will speed up and during high peak cycles Resync will slow down. This ensures Resync continue to make progress while minimizing impact to the client I/O.
  • Multipath support for SAS systems“vSAN now enables multiple redundant paths from server to storage with no setup required, when used with a supported multipath driver. An example of such a system is HPE Synergy.”

vSAN support insight is revolutionary in it’s ability to change the support experiance, accelerate product improvements. Support for vSphere has typically revolved around a predictable script. You call in, and if your issue isn’t easily triagable you may need to export logs. This process has some challenges because:

1. It takes time to pull logs and upload them.

2. If the issue your cluster has impacts avalability to the logs this can drag out getting a resolution.

3. Additional Logs may be needed to compare before/after with the issue.

On the support side of things, the inital call often begins with you trying to articulate your issue, describe your enviroment and any releavent details. The support staff essentailly being “blind” on that initial call until you can describe enough of the enviroment, push logs, or setup a webex/remote sessions to show the issue.

vSAN Support Insight helps with these challenges by automatically pushing configuration, health, and performance telemtry to VMware. Removing these delays is critical to improving support outcomes.This phone home data set also provides a framework for future product improvements, future support enhancements, and better cross corelation of issues for engineering.



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