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Set Brocade FC ports to Loop mode

So you want to do a small VMware cluster, and you don’t need Fibre Channel switches. By default most array’s and HBA’s are in point to point mode (used for switches). You will want to setup Loop mode in both your Array (In my HUS this is under the FC Port config). Next up if you have brocade HBA”s they likely have some ancient 3.0 firmware that does not support loop mode. Here’s how to upgrade your HBA’s, and how to set the port mode’s (make sure to set it for BOTH ports on the HBA).


esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/

cd /opt/brocade/bin
./bcu port –topology 1/0 loop
./bcu port –disable 1/0
./bcu port –enable 1/0
./bcu port –topology 1/1 loop
./bcu port –disable 1/1
./bcu port –enable 1/1

Sub 20K Arrays like a HUS 110 that can support up to 4 hosts, make for a great storage option for the discerning SMB or remote office. Down the road you can always add a switch, so it gives a nice flexible middle zone between using direct SAS, and 10Gbps iSCSI. Also this is useful if you have a business critical application and want dedicated target queue’s and really simple troubleshooting and lower latency.