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Its Christmas for Cisco fans…

While everyone else is focusing on the new Nexus/68xx switches that allow for enough bandwidth to handle all video traffic for a couple eastern small countries I’m going to look at the stuff thats a little more practical.

The smallest product released are the new Compact Switch upgrades that include the following.

PoE pass through – They can both be powered by PoE, as well as power devices attached to them (like IP phones, camera’s etc) at the same time.
Layer 2 encryption – All traffic is encrypted on the way back to the closet, to help meet PCI and other compliance needs.
More presentable – The nice white tones, make them blend a little nicer, and make them more suitable to be deployed out a wiring closet.

This looks like the perfect switches for all those places that someone doesn’t feel like running extra cables to from the closet.