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VMware View Persona and HNAS BluArc

A quick note on HNAS users, looking to enable VMware Persona. While the BluARC’s are fine for offloading profiles to, by default SMB2 is disabled. Since this is a requirement for Persona to work (Well I think its required for alternate data streams to work) you will need to enable this at the CLI by using the cifs-smb2-enable command.

Also of note windows 8, will REQUIRE SMB signing if it sees SMB2, but this can be disabled with powershell (example here) or by GPO.  The HNAS 3080 and 3090 do not support code signing as of the current release (I understand its a performance issue, they are working on).  Also this is something that will need to be turned on for each EVS needing this support, and is not a global or cluster wide setting.